Enjoy water activities

Activities while on your private tour aboard ‘La Folie’:

· Snorkeling

· Stand Up Paddle

· Swimming

· Sunbathing

So much to see!

The Gulf of California, locally known as Sea of Cortes, is home to a unique and rich ecosystem. In addition to a wide range of endemic creatures, it hosts many migratory species, such as the humpback whale, California gray whale, killer whale, manta ray, Humboldt squid and leatherback sea turtle, and the world’s largest animal, the blue whale.

The Gulf of California sustains a large number of marine mammals, many of which are rare and endangered. Its more than 900 islands are important nesting sites for thousands of seabirds, and its waters are primary breeding, feeding, and nursing grounds for myriad migratory and resident fish species. For decades, the gulf has been a primary source of two of Mexico’s leading marine resources, sardines and anchovies.


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