Whale Watching Season


If you’re traveling to Cabo from December through March, we recommend you take advantage of your chance to see the whales. During this period they migrate to the southern half of Baja California all the way from places like Alaska and Siberia 6,000 miles away.

Their summer homes are north of the Arctic Circle, but in winter it’s far too cold for them there. That’s why even the whales like to come to Cabo!

The most common whale to spot in Cabo is the Pacific gray whale. This is because they frequent shallow waters along the coast. You may also see humpback whales which are comparable in size.

Various kinds of whale activities can be observed. Breaching is the most spectacular of all; it’s when the whale thrusts itself over the surface of the water, arches through the air, and splashes right on its back with incredible force. Another of the different whale activities involves spouting. This occurs when a whale clears its blowhole resulting in water flying all over the air.

You can’t miss it!

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